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Speaker Cable Wire

Thoughtless 7

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DO NOT USE A GUITAR LEAD! it'll work for a short time but it its pretty stupid.

but yes power cable will work perfectly so well that recording studios use it to wire up the mixing room monitors and you don't really get more demanding than that for quality!


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I went to my music shop and specifically bought a Monster "speaker cable"

Boycott Monster Cable


*shrugs* i spent 50 dollars 6 years ago, and i got an amazing cable. If my cable ever fails, i can return it and get another one, no charge. I've done it once, and i'll never have to buy a cable again. Monster can have their "Monster" if i can continue to get my free cables.

Metallica sued a 60 year old guy for making a wheel rim called the "Metallica." Words get copyrighted. Gene Simmons owns the rights to the word "it."

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