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Inlace Inlay Material


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Looks like Corian. I'm a little unsure why anyone would you this. Are you trying to avoid cutting the shapes out of the material? You're still going to have to route the holes, and that would probably leave some pretty jagged shapes unless your a master with a router.

If your worried about cutting the shapes, get someone like me to cut them for you. Then you can inlay them yourself if you want.

Otherwise, look into recon stone. Much more realistic looking patterns and colors.

Just my 2 cents, for whatever that's worth, which probably isn't much.

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Are you trying to avoid cutting the shapes out of the material?

No. I'm trying to do two things: cut cost and have a unique feature.

If I used traditional pearl, abalone, etc., a full half of the material cost of the guitar I'm planning would be in inlay material. I've done a LOT of shopping, and the cheapest I can see for the extensive amount of purfling & inlay I'll be doing is around $200-$250. A single box of Inlace is +/- $35 shipped, and will do the whole thing.

Second, the Inlace is available is a wide range of colors and looks. We see shell/pearl inlay all the time. While it always looks good (when done well), it's a little common. This would allow me to have a fairly unique look while accomplishing the same effect.

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Don't ever stop trying to be helpful here. What's obvious to you is oblivious to someone else. :D

Inlace would be a lot easier to work with than a piece of scrap countertop laminate. You wouldn't need to cut it. It'f be worth the cost to me ($35 vs. free scrap) to not have to cut it to shape. So no, I suppose cost isn't the ONLY factor - ease of use factors heavily in there as well.

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I had my nieces name engraved into my white Rickenbacker pickguard.

A laser was used and it came out great.

I want to fill it with a red metallic substance.

Any ideas about the Inlace material?

Of curse, I want the metal to shine nicely and dry hard.



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