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Neck Through Tutorial?

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My coming project is going to be my first neck through. This will also the first neck I'll do myself. I searched the site for a tutorial on Neck throughs, but beside the helpfull topic on Neck angle on neck throughs I only found a locked topic. Do you know anything which might help me?

Ik hope I'm not in the wrong on posting this thread.


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i don't think there are many explicitly stated tutorials but my advice would be search neckthru builds (there are tons, including one of my own - see sig)

and try to learn from the pictures; its very straight forward, but if you have more specific questions and don't find them with search wed be more than happy to help!

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The only thing that isn't covered on this site as far as neckthrough tutorials goes is pics of the body being glued together. Lex has a thread, but there's no pics. So i took the liberty of showing how its done in my build.

There is lots of information here on every other part of the building process though!

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