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Two Completed Projects

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Just completed these.


The Thinline began its life as a MIJ '69 Thinline back in the '90s.

The Pickups are Reed James Custom Telewoodies with Pistacio wood bobbins.

The Pickguard is from Artisan Guitar Repair, the laminate wood is Pau Ferro. The body is from my old Fender MIJ '69 Thinline RI, refinished with tung oil.

Goncalo Alves knobs from Exotic Wood Knobs and Guitar Parts

Karosa Neck, Goncalo Alves with Marblewood Fingerboard.



The Bubinga (thats what I'm calling it until I come up with a better name) is my first project building a guitar. From parts, that is.

The body has a Bubinga top, Mahogoany back, two F-holes, etc. From Warmoth.

The Pickups are Reed James Custom P-90s with Cocobolo covers.

Karosa Neck, Goncalo Alves with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard.

Cocobolo knobs from Exotic Wood Knobs and Guitar Parts



After much sweating, tweaking, fixing, breaking, fixing again, panicing, and more tweaking... I'm pleased to say that they both actually work and stay in tune. And they sound great and play easily. The Bubinga is amazingly light. The Thinline is a great deal heavier. The Mahogany on the Bubinga was white before I finished it. I originally thought Warmoth screwed my order up. But no, it is indeed Mahogany. Once I finished it, it darkened to the light brown you see here, and I'm pleased with that. I'd like a whole guitar made from the same light mahogany, its kinda pretty.

And what do I play on these? I play in a semi-professional cover band, 7 Mysteries. Cheap Trick, the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Stray Cats, Slade, The Sweet, REM, and tunes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They both hit all the tones I needed and then some.

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Hiya VK. Nice to see you here, welcome from another Tele fanatic. B)

I would assume you're VK from the TDPRI, I read your posts there quite often, don't post so much over there these days tho.

You may know me better by my trademark steerhead Teles, which is my avatar there.

Gorgeous Teles! Thanks for the links to all the parts, I stopped building for 2+ years and lost most of my old links to cool guitar parts, and am trying to build up my links again, I LOVE the CB pickup covers, and P-90's as well.

I also dig the hell out of the very natural organic looking fingerboards on both of them, me likey!

This here is a P-90 in the neck along with an S-90 in the bridge.

Keep building, looking great! :D:D


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Vol. Knob, I like the marble wood fretboard you used, and both tele's look suberb!

Drak, I've heard you are the king of finishing, and I'm now seeing why. The flame on the first tele seems to be radiating from a central point.

And as Todd asked, what's the top on the last one?!

This should be called the Ultimate Tele thread.

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That is the big difference between vendors with wood grading and the buyers as well. Some people won't buy a piece of lumber unless it has every square inch covered in the tightest curl possible. A piece like that they would never give a second thought. But others who can look at a piece of wood and really see the grain and the potential can get great deals, and awesome pieces of wood. The people that can look deep enough into the wood to see the true character really do have a gift. It is not easy to do.

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