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Well, what I mean is, since I've been a member it seems the majority of posts are about paint and their related equipment types and so forth. We've seen the great work done with inlays and techniques used, but there is not enough of them. I think we should consider a separate forum just for inlays alone. We have some very good artists working in this area lets give them equal space with the painters. What do you say?.

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I don't know. I sort of like it the way it is. If there was a separate inlay section there wouldn't be many posts. I could post a new project every week if I wanted, but I think that would get anoxious pretty quick. I only post a project when it's really a fun, or unique one. Otherwise I just look around to see if I can help other people with a quick answer or two.

My vote is to leave it as it is.

Beside, I like reading about finishing and see guitar projects. This way I only have to look in one place.

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So few inlay threads that it's best if they are in with a more generalized area (as they already are).

If I was in charge, the opposite would happen. I'd put the 'auction/web supplies' section in with the 'buy and sell' area, and the 'BP build' thread would be in with the 'in progress' area with the other builds.

I'd also be tempted to put the ' voting' area in with another area (or actually do away with it, 'cause the only ones that make sense are the 'guitar of the month' ones, and those could be done in the 'current news' area or whatever that area is called.

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