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Color Combos

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I'm still designing my next build and I need some opinions and, if possible, visual examples.

The body is going to be painted black with an 1/8" bloodwood cap. It will have white binding to match the white pickups it'll be getting. The question is about hardware. Do y'all think I should use gold or chrome? It's contrast/conflict with the white that I'm questioning. Gold on bloodwood is REALLY snazzy, but the white might dork it up.

FWIW: These are the pups in question. They're taken off of an Airline repro.


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Well white and gold is my favourite combo, but that's white paint with gold hardware. Very sweet for playing on cliffs with miles of Marshall's behined you :D

For this, I reckon chrome, or white hardware.... If you can get it, don't know of anywhere you can though.

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