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Marshall Head Smells Like Burning...


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So, I was just jammin' out on my 100w JCM900 half stack and the volume suddenly cut down to like half of what it was... then I smelt something like burning. I smelt the head and it's definitely coming from there and well as the left 2 tubes glowing a much brighter orange than the rest. My GUESS is that two of my tubes are just burnt out from use... but I figured I'd ask.


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It could be any number of things causing that. Check out this page here: http://www.geofex.com/ampdbug/smoke.htm

Basically any burning smells and/or smoking coupled with a reduction in power in a tube amp means that something got really overheated and possibly damaged.

You really should take it to someone competent that knows how to work on tube amps and have them check it out.

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Amps work on magic smoke. You let the smoke out, they stop working. I haven't found a reliable way to shove it back in there, though.

(Sorry, nothing of value to add that hasn't been said.)

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