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Question On Finishing Ash Body.

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I've dyed ash twice with no problems, but I am becoming more a fan of using tinted lacquers or transparent finishes. They create a deeper look in my opinion, and bring out the figuring better. But with something like a burst finish I will dye my first one or two colors and then spray transparents for the rest.

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The first pic (very top) looks to me to be grain filled with a dark filler first, then a transparent toner coat shot over the levelled and filled body, then I would imagine cleared over that.

The giveaway is the perfect coloring, it's very even. Only a sprayed tinted coat will give you that look.

The second one looks like the color was a dye/stain directly on the wood.

See how blotchy it is? That's the wood absorbing different amounts of stain right into the wood.

They 'could' have shot a tinted coat over their stain, but one can only guess so far.

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