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The Nordic Gawd

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The Nordic Gawd Posted on Dec 20 2003, 06:08 PM

  yes there is a battery 

lmao :D

what is the tone setting on the amp etc... you can really kill the wah effect by cutting mids and treble, otherwise it might be bust and stuck in bypass or something


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What happens - no sound at all when activated or exactly the same as when in bypass?

I know this is an obvious one but sometimes these things get me - the wah's usually have the in/out reversed from other pedals. I think someone else mentioned this also but it's worth looking at.

Any more symptoms you can pass along?

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Geez, I don't know. The only thing I can dream up is either it somehow got damaged on the way home or , and this is a long shot, your guitar has really low output pickups and the signal just isn't strong enough to activate the Vox circuit. I'm assuming you tried the wah out on a guitar supplied by the store. If you brought your own axe in to test out the wah then the only answer is it got broke! Bring it back along with your guitar and show them. At least you will know for sure which one is at fault.

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if you cant' get it workign. drop me an email and i can take a look at it for ya.

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