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look at this!

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Guys, it's all maple, including the top. It's obviously designed to be used electric/acoustic, as in a stage guitar, so comparing it to high-end acoustics is as inappropriate as comparing it to a JEM. Anybody who's tried to get a decent acoustic sound live without loads of equipment knows it's easier to get a credible acoustic sound out of a dedicated A/E than it is to mike up your granddad's '43 D-28, even if it is the best sounding dread you've ever played. Shallow body A/E's are a growing market for working musicians, no reason why this is any less valid than, say, an Acousticaster. Do I prefer the sound of a pre-war Martin miked with condensors and run through an Aphex and a RNC? Absolutely! Am I gonna drag all that stuff to a gig at the VFW? No way! :D

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hey...i like the stratacoustic...

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