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Tele body - out of 3/4" thick walnut


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I've had some walnut boards lying around in the basement for many years - 3/4" thick (surfaced) - with widths up to 7". Even though it may not be the best way to do things - any clear detriments if I make a tele body out of 4 pieces (2Xedge glued - then glued face/face).


1) Wood is available - essentially free (paid for many moons ago).

2) I love walnut (appearance)

3) Wood is stable - had plenty of time to stabilize

4) Pickup "route" and wire channel real simple - pickup by through hole in top piece (3/4" seems to be a normal pickup rout depth) - wire channel - easy route on bottom of top piece


1) 4 pieces of wood instead of 1 - affect tone?

2) Need to offset centerline to avoid weakness?

3) Maybe a tad thin (1.5" instead of 1.75) - could make getting switch into control cavity a bit more interesting.

Any comments - thoughts??


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I agree with the walnut tops suggested. More guitars = more fun!

Try the local yellow pages for "lumber". In mine there is a breakdown for "hardwoods", "specialty", etc. That's how I found my local supplier. He's 80 miles away but here in the boonies that's considered "local".

Get to work and show us some pic's!!!! :D

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George Harrison's Legendary Rosewood Tele was made from 4 pieces of Rosewood in the manner you described. so It can be done, it's just up to you to decide. I like combining tonewoods by using a softer wood ie Alder,Mahogany,Basswood for the back an a harder wood ie. Maple,lacewood, Walnut etc for the top. IMO it seems to make for a more well balanced sound.

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Thanks for all the encouragement & suggestions - I'm going to try to find another wood for the bottom half (do some hunting around during the holiday break). I dusted off my jointer (hasn't been used in about 8 years) & trued up one side of a board - turns out there was a little side bow (corrected by the jointer). Tomorrow, I'll cut out two clear areas & edge join.

It'll take me a while to go through this project (too many other things going on at once) - but I'll drop some progress notes as I go (and pics, if I can figure out how).


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