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Tonepros Tun-o-matic 7-string bridge?

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I like Tonepros Tune-o-matic bridges very much and would like to use one for my next 7-string project. Unfortunately I cannot find a supplier who sells a 7-string version. I am not sure if there is one at all, but I cannot imagine that a well known company like Tonepros does not sell a 7-string version of their popular bridge. Can you recommend a store selling them?

Thanks in advance,

Marcel Knapp!

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Thanks for the hint Wes. Definately a nice looking bridge. I really want to use a TOM for this guitar, because it is the only non-tremolo bridge I really like. I plan the 7-string guitar for riffing and palm muted stuff and runs(A sound going in the direction of the new Dream Theater Album). Therefore I dont want a Tremolo which always takes away a little "meat" from the sound and isn't as comfortable for palm muted stuff. The fixed bridges like this Carvin bridge will all feel the same as a usual Trem. If I dont have the feel of the TOM, then I'll rather go with a real Floyd. Is there another bridge I dont know about which feels like a TOM and does not need a neck angle?

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