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Ideas for guitar!!

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I'm in the same boat as you. except I got the wood yesterday. I've printed out a bunch of different style top and bottom horns and I'm just kinda mixing and matching to see what looks good. I think I'm going with a single cut top (bass).

Looking at the body in full scale helps ALOT! good luck.

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hai brian, sorry for entering this post but i can't seem to find the post of the making that icecastor. i've view it once (the post with construction pics only but without any details) but i can't seem to find it anywhere again. can you help? :D

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and yea i think i wanna do some thing with a carved top of some sort i also would like to have some sort of fiqured top but quality tops are hard to find in Calgary Canada where i live but i can get a 14-16 inch body made of hondurn mahogany and i can get neck wood there. if you have any sugestions on top and neck would types that would help

ps if i am doing a set neck should i rout out a section under the top for the neck tenon or is that not how you do that ?

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