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Body From One Board?

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If your glue joints are clean and good there shouldn't be a problem with either version. However, if you are going to use a see through finish of any type, use version 1 as it will give a cleaner look.

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As said above.

This is effectively how I make my 'hippie sandwich' bodies, just using different woods.

My humble suggestion would be to laminate each side so that you have two thick 'blocks', then joint the edges and glue together just as you would if you had started with two thicker pieces of wood. Simples!

I would also suggest doing the laminating in a vacuum bag if you can swing it. If you plan on doing a few builds, a vacuum system in invaluable for laminating work. There are systems out there starting at about $50 US and you can, of course, spend a couple grand setting up a complex vacuum system if you are going to make a living out of it!

If you are only doing one body, probably no need to invest in a vacuum system. With a bit of care you can easily do your laminations with clamps, weights.... Just don't glue your workpiece to your workbench :D

Good luck



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As said they will both work. #1 can be done in 3 steps and #2 done in 4 steps. #2 will be a stronger body.with less shifting over time.

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I think i am going to make 2 body blanks, I have 2 guitars planned already,lol(strat type w/ 2 humbuckers & Jackson dinky type) :D . They will both be solid colors, so no worries there.

Probably just gonna go with clamps, maybe upgrade to vacum somewhere down the road. I was gonna set up a press clamping table with press clamps.

I was also thinking that #2 would be the stronger body

I will also try not to glue everything to my workbench! B)

Thx everyone, I am so glad I found this forum, so much info and many helpful people! :D

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