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Any Way To Smooth The Grainy Neck On A Gibson Faded V?

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I've found a really good deal on a Gibson Faded Flying V, but I really don't like the rough grainy finish on the neck. I would like to smooth it out, but don't want to sand through and refinish. Is it possible to fill/polish the neck over the finish to get rid of the rough grainy feel? I was thinking a high end car wax and guitar polish could do the trick, but would like to get some insight from those more experienced, rather than assume something and ruin the finish..

So, what would be the most effective way to get a smooth satin finish, essentially filling the grain on the neck, without stripping the original finish (if it's even possible?) I really don't wanna pass up such a great deal, but I can't stand the porous grain on Gibson's satin/faded finish.

Any tips or tricks to solve this problem are greatly appreciated. Again, I'm looking for a solution that I can do over the original finish, as refinishing is too costly for me, and I want to keep the V original.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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it all depends on how 'grainy' your tallkin

i would grab some 220 paper and scuff it up; the finish has to powder; then i'd build up coats of wipe on poly (tru oil? if that the same thing?) sanding inbetween coats/ following their directions, it will eventually level off

I own one. Wouldn't touch it with sandpaper. It is a very thin coat of nitro on the guitar. Very thin.

I am not sure why the grain would bother anyone maybe you need to drink more when you are playing. :D

Anything you do is going to change the guitar. Filling the grain with wax is probably not reversible. Using a grain filler or something like it would not be reversible.

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I also have a Faded V. After a while the neck gets naturally buffed down. If you want to speed up this process you could rub the neck with cloth while applying some pressure. It may take a while but eventually you will buff down the finish and ever so slightly burnish the wood on the neck. Ive had my V for about 6 years, and at this point the neck is smooth and slick.

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Correct me if I am wrong but would not shellac do exactly what is being asked?

it would fill the grain,could be rubbed on very lightly,and after drying could be buffed down with steel wool.This could be done over the entire guitar,but it would ruin resale value..

But...those guitars don't have much resale value.

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