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Headstock Angle...

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So I miscalculated my headstock angle. How much is too much? I know the scarf joint is good...what are the consequences if I use it as is?

Most Headstock angles range from 10 to 15 degrees. But if you look at a Lute from 100s of years ago they go from 70 to 89 degrees. So what works? That's a good question :D

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Oh man... that's pretty hefty! I wouldn't build with that. I haven't sad around and done the trig to figure out what the glue surface length on that would be... but I'm seeing in my head something minimal. Also, the higher the angle, the closer to end grain your glue surface gets. If you MUST build with it... please please please headplate and backstrap it (if the scarf is in the head and not the neck at least...). Here's how in case you were wondering:


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