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Finally Scored A Bandsaw!


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After 3 months of scouring craigslist 3 times a day for a great deal I finally scored a decent bandsaw on the cheap. Its a 14" craftsman that I'm pretty sure was made by delta. I picked it up for a franklin. I'm so stoked I had to share.

Things are crazy busy right now but I'm hoping to start my second build some time in early February. I haven't nailed down a definitive plan yet but it looks like I'm going to attempt doing two at the same time. One will be a figured top bolt on neck carve top and the other will be identical with a carbon fiber laminate carve top over maple/mahogany. Going to try some binding on my next build also.



Oh and here is the top I got from north ridge hardwoods. I paid $75. Its a 3/4" AAA rated top that I bought it blind. I was very happy with what I received.



I cant wait to get started.

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That looks like a very nice Bandsaw. Very solid, cast iron table, enclosed motor...

I had a Delta shopmaster 12" bandsaw for a couple of years and I just sold it last week. I didn't know much about bandsaws when I got it but had I known what I know now, I would have looked for something on the used market like the one you just bought.

I'm waiting for my Grizzly G0555P 14" 1HP bandsaw to arrive tomorrow. I got the riser block with it. I can't wait!!! I've got some sweet flame maple waiting to be bookmatched.

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