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Angle Neck Pocket Jig

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Hello all,

I read here a while ago how to figure out what the neck angle needs to be when using a tall bridge. The method was very simple and did not need to draw anything out.....I will draw it out anyway cuz it will be good practice. The method was to put the bridge on the body in the same position it will be when finished. Put your neck pocket template on the bridge and let the template fall to sit on the body at the upper bout. This forms the exact angle you need to route the pocket. Just attach the template and route to what ever depth you need to and you are done. I thought this was a brilliant idea but I have a few issues I have not been able to work out.

1. Attahcing the template to the body set at the correct angle seems like it will be difficult to do. That is to say how do I attach it to the body and have it ridged enough to use during routing? The bearing surfaces are very small to attach double stick tape too......not a lot of surface area to keep things still. The template will be resting on the corner of the body so not a lot of area there either.

2. If the two horns are not even with each other and you raise the template to the correct angle the front of the template will try to rest on both of the horns....and the template will be at a compound angle relitive to the top of the guitar. The angle will be correct relitive to the bridge but will lean towards the side with the smaller horn.

I thought of trying to build a version of David Myka's jig but that looks like it is only used for one angle. Also, I was looking for something a little simpler. So....I guess I could get the angle and cut some wedges, double stick tape them to the body and template then route away. I have to be very accurate when cutting the wedges as the angle and height of both need to be the exact same.

Anyway you guys have any suggestions for a jig or method that that I could use? Something to where I can incorporate the ease of getting the angle as described above and having the template be very secure while routing the pocket.

Thanks for any help.


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I did see this one here. Indeed it will work for me but the angle application of it has me a bit nervous. If I put the bridge under it the bearing surfacs become very small and I think the router will move too much when I use the templante bit against the template. I know not to put too much pressure against the template but it still looks like it will move a the slightest pressure if I angle it. I been thinking through it and I think I can make a modified verson of Myka's as well to get what I need....just need to find some scraps to prove the concept from what is in my head!

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