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Schaller R4 locking Nut

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This is the first time I have used the R4 nut - I have used R2's before. The nut is 1 11/16. The center of the entire nut is 27/32. This point is not the center of the point between the G and D strings. It is about 1/32 off. In other words if I center the nut along the center line of the guitar, the slots for the G and D strings are not evenly spaced along the center line. If I move the nut so that they are, the entire nut is no longer centered on the neck.

The hole for the center clamp is off by the same amount. It is 28/32 from the bass side.

So, I think I'm going to rig up a bridge and string it up temporarily before doing any drilling.

I have two of them (one black and one chrome) and they are both the same.

Has anyone ever used them before? Ever noticed this?

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i'm thinking along the same lines as wes, it's just because of the way the strings have to be spaced to allow for larger strings on the bass side. Try centering the nut when you do your mock setup.

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