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Carvin Mts Power Issue

Mr. Preston Swift

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I'm looking into buying a new 212 carvin mts from my friend who's selling it after 3-4 years of use. Its a great sounding amp if you've ever played one and he decided he wanted to get rid of it for $100. Of course we don't live in a world where good things like that happen without a catch... the problem is that when he was playing it he said there was a loud popping sound and now the amp doesn't get power. Wiring and electronics is my weakest area and its even worse when it comes to amps so i'm not sure what happened to the amp itself.

Based on the description what do you think is wrong with it?

Would it be worth it/cost effective to get it for $100 and then pay for the repair on top of it? There are others around for 400-450 online and through craigslist

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ok so i went to take a look at it today. When the guy went to plug it in and turn it on it was actually working. The signal was a little crackley on the distortion but otherwise wasnt bad at all. I looked around the back and one of the power tubes was out. Even i know how to fix that. The guy said he'd still do it for 100 since i came all the way out there.Usually these go for 350-450 used. Its not a bad amp at all.

all hail craigslist

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