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Binding Masking


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Hi there.

I’m new to this forum and generally a bit wet behind the ear when it comes to guitar project work..

I have a completely stripped bare semi acoustic that I’d like to paint a nice cherry red in nitrocellulose.

The getting of the paint is no problem, what I need to know is, what is the best masking to use on intricate shaped binding all around the edges f-holes and neck?

The problem seems to be applying the masking so that it forms accurately around the intricate bends but does not allow any gaps for paint to creep through. Masking tape is pretty useless

Oh… and it should be easily removed once the painting’s done!!

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.


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I've never done it, but I know that some people use a special type of masking tape found at auto parts stores. I'm sure someone else will chime in soon enough with more specifics.

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You can buy 3M pinstrinping tape.

For tight curves, use a hair dryer to soften the tape as you apply it and keep working it until you get it right.

Hard to explain in words, but the method I was taught is using one hand press the tape down, while the other hand is holding the roll up in the air with a heap of tape pulled out, use the hand thats holding the roll as the steering wheel and the other hand just presses the tape.

When you get to the tight spot, keep the roll up in the air and the pressing hand uses a hairdryer to soften the tape (just above where you'll want to press it down) then when its hot/soft use the press down hand to lay you're tight curves. If you dont get it tight enough, lift if and heat it again, the tape has a memory and will turn tighter the second time.

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Another method is to use AP tape (aplication tape)

Its similar to masking tape, but its in a wide roll - used a lot in airbrushing. You can cover the whole surface of the guitar with one piece, then use a scalpel to cut out your tricky shapes.

I've used this method a lot myself.

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