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Good Find for My Guitar

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I was at Guitar Center today to order my tuners and Floyd Rose and was looking at guitars. I got simeone to pull down a Jackson Warrior. They dropped it and chipped the finish. I got it for $300 so I'm gonna pull the Floyd and neck for my guitar. Even better, I can replace the pickups in my Samick and Squier with the Duncans that are in the Jackson. Now if the neck only had a Ibanez Headstock seeing I'm building a JEM. Oh well, I've changed enough things on it already. It's really just a JEM body shape. :D

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in fairness the only good licensed FLoyds are Schaller and Gotoh, and the older Ibanez Edge used to be great..... but i'm yet to play a good same brand licensed Floyd, so.....

but i'm a floyd freak, so dont listen to me unless you care for perfect tuning stability and extensive divebombing...... :D

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