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Heatgun was the first thing that came to my mind.

One caution though, be prepared to have to clean up burn marks on the wood from the heat gun, the glue will be a mess to clean up. Any plastic side dots etc will melt.

If it's the fingerboard you're wanting to salvage - DO NOT bend it when you're lifting it up. Simply keep sliding a thin paint scraper down under as you heat the glue and be patient - if you bend it, the wood will stay bent.

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I use an iron with wet rags. The steam softens the glue and doesn't damage most finishes. Just use a pair of good metal putty knives to work the board off from one end.

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Hi guys.

I used a heat gun & vinegar (since I figured there was enough 'safety' water in the vinegar) and a putty knife. It came apart surprisingly readily.

If anyone is reading this... once I got the scraper edge into the join I applied the heat to the blade and every now & then prised the join open a bit & tipped a small amount of vinegar in & worked the blade down keeping the heat on the blade.

There was a little discolouring of the wood (neck side) and surprisingly little clean up on the headstock side.

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I use an iron with a rag as well.

I also have one of those steamers that were all the rage years ago on the as seen on tv ads. You fill it with water and it heats up and shoots steam. Comes in handy once you have an edge pulled up.

I saw on a guitar TV show a guy used a modded espresso machine to shoot steam to get a fret board off a martin. I figured why fuss with an espresso machine and go right for a steamer.

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