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16" Drum Sander


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I started this about 3 years ago and spent about two weeks working on and off. It got shelved until a couple of months ago when I dusted it off and finished it up.

I have some tiger maple that is crying out to be made into a 335 type 6 string. I have the dust hood finished but not pictured. I really need to get a cover over that pulley and belt, thats an accident waiting to happen.




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We do homemade drum sanders here also.. Is your drum made of wood?

We usually make ours out of iron but aluminum would do also. One very important step that people tend to forget is the drum needs to be balanced or it could become a safety hasard...

Also we drill some holes on each side to help ventilate and lower the risk of unwanted wood burn...

Hope that makes sense. Of course I don't know what rpm yours run at so maybe it doesn't matter for yours..

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Wow bro that is pure genius \m/ I also love the way to have adapted it to run from your circular saw motor :D now that is bloody amazing :D I will be following this thread and well done my man on some clever ingenuity B)

Thanks. I wish that I could take credit for the concept but this was my interpretation of a plan published in Shop Notes. I made a couple of tweaks, widened the platten and drum.

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Here is a link to the Shop notes plan:


We just moved to a new house and I am still looking for stuff. If/when I find my modifications I will post them.

One huge gotcha I didn't take into account was the motor requirements. I ended up burning up the motor in that table saw (very old, bottom-tier Craftsman).

So if you are planning on making a sander that relies on an external motor choose wisely.

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