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Drum Sander - Paper Question


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Since I got my drum sander about 3 months ago used, I had not replaced the sandpaper on it, but due to it getting gummed up I needed to replace it. When I purchased the person had 2 rolls of paper and I grabbed them also. Now I have replace the paper 2 times and both times the end ripped off at the point where it inserts and holds. The difference off the bat that I see in the original had a grey backing and the other that keeps ripping on me has red. Is it just the quality of the material that is causing the issue?

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Gummed drum sander paper needs to be replaced immediately. If the paper rips its the wrong stuff or its not on tight enough. These rolls are always cloth. You can buy paper at Klingspors as RestorationAD said. Buy it in large rolls and cut to size to save money. You cant cheese out on a drum sander, you need fresh paper available always. Any resin build up will burn your wood, not a good thing. you also will need several grits from 60 to 120 if you use it to level figured wood. I even have 36 grit for heavy duty removal.

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