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Neck Idea


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Lot of people dig the one piece neck idea, but the lack of stability kind of concerns me.

I was wondering, if it would be prudent to take a solid piece of wood (flame maple?), split the wood directly in half, flip one side (think chevron flame maple), and glue it together.

Wood glued together is stronger then the original piece, and it should provide some added stability. Thoughts?

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Thanks guys. I had no idea this was such an "industry standard" lol. I always thought the 3 peice necks were ways to cut costs and use smaller pieces of wood.

If I had the capacity to do so, I would make necks like ernie ball does (wouldnt we all? :D). They use the same peice of wood to make the neck AND the fret board. Really cool idea, wish more companies went that route.

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You could do that if you really wanted to. This is from the Ernie Ball website:

Q: How is the trussrod inserted into a maple neck? Is it one piece of wood?

A: When we make a solid maple neck, the neck is cut horizontally lengthwise, routed for the trussrod, the trussrod is inserted. Then the neck is carefully glued back together so it is barely detectable that it was ever apart.

As for three piece necks, they can cut costs, but they also add stability, and give you racing stripes. When Fender started making electric guitars, they were TERRIBLY cost conscious. Their solution was not to make laminate necks, but to make the entire neck out of one piece of wood. But instead of ripping it in half like EB, they just route a channel down the back and plugged it up later. It was a cost cutting solution, but has since become iconic.

A lot of people think that you're going to get better tone and sustain out of a single piece of wood. I don't happen to be one of them.

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