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Question: Mixing Satin And Gloss


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Well, to start with, use satin on the neck and gloss on the body. I assume you're asking about hot to do the transition like the one on that photo. First, I've never tried to do this, but I'll offer some theory. As long as you're using finishes with the same sort of base, you're going to be fine. Finishes from the same product line would be even better. Then you're going to finish everything in gloss. On the LAST coat, you're going to apply a satin finish in the areas you want to be satin. Why? Because all clear finishes are naturally glossy. They actually add an agent to finish to make it look satin. If you finish over satin with gloss, you get gloss. If you finish over gloss with satin, you get satin.

Maybe someone can confirm this, but I believe that's what I've read.

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Any of those three techniques should work. That being said, Prostheta and MiKro know what they're talking about. I'd say Scotchbrite is the way to go. I'm giving you theory. They're giving you practical experience. Plus, their way sounds easier.

or use #0000 steelwool. just make sure and use a magnet in a ziploc bag afterwards to remove any stray metal by rubbing over the area that you dulled. :D

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