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Carving A Back?

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Working on a guitar. Currently it is 2.25" thick. 1 5/8" for the back and a 5/8" top. The back is this thick to allow for the rotary switch I'm using (and the 1/4" wooden cavity cover). I did some chambering, and the body only weighs 5.5 lbs (not bad for the size and materials). Anyways, because of this thickness, and I would like to lose some more weight, I'm looking at removing some material from the back, namely towards the neck end of the body. I think somewhere in the neighborhood of .5 to .75" would be good, especially with increasing the access to the upper frets. I can thin the back a little and still end up with enough room for the switch, but its not gonna be enough.

Anyways, how should I go about working this into the back of the guitar? Aside from belly cuts I've never really seen anything done to the back of the guitar.

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I often carve the backs on my electrics (most chambered), and I love the look and feel. I do it differently from the top - more of a rounded arch without any recurve and less of a flat spot. Two shots that show it best on the last two I did that way (note to self: really need to finish up some more guitars). The belly cut is faired into the overall carve, giving the guitar a very sensual sort of feel.




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I highly recommend carving the back, It makes the guitar extremely comfortable.

Use an angle grinder, and enjoy the ride. On the other hand, if you've chambered the body, that limits your options.

You can check out how I did it here, or visit crimson guitars, there are videos of back carving...

The chambering is all contained under the arm rest area. I didn't want to extend it too much because I wanted to make sure my less than stellar router bits didn't destroy anything.

Thanks everyone for the helpful pictures too.

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