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Mother bucker

27.5k? That's a spicey meatball! Any heard one of these? I just happened to be browsing and i came across it. I have a KA Distortion humbucker and that gets pretty dirty at high gain. What the heck would this sound like?

I know the DC resistance isnt a direct measure of distortion, but its gotta be pretty brutal hasnt it? Wonder if it'd sound too over the top and muddy or whether you could actually hear the note/chord being played...

An interesting name for a pickup. You'd expect a fork of lightening or something when you say a name like that :D

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!!!!! that must get SO much feedback. i recommend the dimebuckers.....

no, only if the pickup is not potted properly or guitar is unshielded will you get lots of feedback.... well, putting that mother-of-a-bucker into a hollow body wouldnt be too good, but point is, in my opinion bad worksmanship causes squaling and disgusting feedback, NOT high output pickups.

and dimebuckers are just overhyped and overrated BL XL500's.



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My X2N is over 20k and it has ceramic magnets. The thing is just like butter. No pick noise at all, so it can get a little mushy for fast picking.

the x2n uses alnico magnets unless someone changed yours they have always come that way since the inception of them. also you might want to look at yours. over 20k.. mine is only 14k and thats what the old datasheets used to say. but it still puts otu 510mv.

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