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refinishing a mapple neck

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Hi Duby,

On finishing your neck:

1) Yes, you need to sand between coats.

2) I use steel wool for intermediate sanding.

3) I tend to use more "lacquer" on the back and headstock and less on the fretboard. How many coats? Depends on heavy your coats are.

Take care,

Guitar Ed

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Are you doing both the neck and the fretboard? They are both maple? I haven't used steel wool and I'm not saying it shouldn't be used but I think 0000 is the prefered type. I get nervous about the steel particles getting left behind so I haven't used it. I really like the micro-mesh for the higher grit sanding work. It's expensive though.

I think someone here had some problems using steel wool for finishing a birdseye neck not too long ago - the particles got embedded and rusted. Maybe it was on mimf - I don't remember.

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I don't know if I will polish after. Actually, I don't know how to polish !!

I'll try to find 0000 steel wood tomorrow. I hope I will find some. Otherwise, I'll use the 000 used gently and smoothly.

If I understand well, I should wait during 4-5 weeks before using again the neck.


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I finished my neck with no sanding at all. of course, I used nitro-cellulose laquer and did just 3 or 4 coats with about an hour between each coat. needless to say it's not very shiny and feels kinda "raw", but I think it plays damn well anyway. I guess time will tell if I'm a complete idiot (as usual) or a lucky fool :D

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