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White Hardware

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Im currently working on my next project, a standard black ibanez gax 30, im respraying it white ,putting on a new neck with an explorer type headstock, new pups etc, this is where ive drawn a blank,,,,,,,,,, does anyone know where i can get white hardware,,,, eg hardtail, machine heads etc,,,,, i know black is an easy to find colour but cant find white anywhere. Its just this is going to be an all white guitar,,,,,, pups, surrounds knobs . Cheers.

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cant really get white metal parts off the shelf - but a white powder coating/anodisation should be possible

your life will be much easier and cheaper if you accept a bit of chrome on certain points - maybe satin finished metal for a nearly white look - i know sperzel do some satin tuners that are very pale

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This has been done before, and involves a certain amount of prep.... as well, you will go into this knowing that the parts will wear and will need to be retouched in the future (specifically the parts that get touched more than the others

on another site, a fellow built a tele with a paper plan theme... so, the pickguard and control plate needed to be clear, with all the hardware white.... he stripped the majority of the chrome off and then sprayed the parts with a white etching primer.... http://www.tdpri.com/forum/2012-tdpri-tele-build-challenge/317940-kwerks-2012-challenge-build-thread-completed-4.html#post4075763

this is the specific post where he shot the etching primer on, which you could then use a clear topcoat on to seal the color in

Good luck and post up what you wind up going with

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