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250K Or 500K Pots?


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So, I just purchased a Lace Sensor Ultra Slim Acoustic pickup to install on my metal body resonator. I want to wire it to volume and tone pots though. My question is: should they be 250k or 500k pots? This Sensor is a humbucker wound to 8k resistance.

This is my first foray into guitar electronics. I'm more of a wood guy, so I apologize if the question sounds foolish. Thanks, y'all.

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The pickups may be designed with either in mind so I am not sure of the Laces specifically, however in general 250ks tend to be fitted more with single coils and 500k with buckers. The basis for this is that buckers tend to be warmer so the higher resistance pots load the pickups less in circuit and hence the treble isn't rolled off as easily or as much. Single coils are inherently brighter so lower resistance pots make them somewhat less ice-pickish.

The general case is never the rule of course so there is no such thing as a "should they be" as whatever works for one player may not be to the taste of another. You might want to dig a little deeper with other Lace users or wait whilst other chime in here.

Welcome to the board, by the way!

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try a fixed resistor to drop the value. as needed or perhaps mount both in a box with a switch and decide which works best for you

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