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Ever Had One Of Those Days...

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,,,where you spend all day Saturday making some new templates out of clear acrylic for a Floyd Rose trem for your next build, and everything is measured up and square and it all looks perfect, and you make a test run of your new templates on a piece of scrap timber to make sure the templates you've just spent 5 hours sweating over will work, because you know it would be sensible to do a dry run before hacking away at that nice piece of figured wood you'd spent a large chunk of cash on, and the test run comes out pretty nicely, and the Floyd Rose appears to fit, except you think the cavity the sustain block passes through could be a bit wider because the block hits it when you divebomb?

And so you take your new beautiful templates and draw new cutting marks, and line up a new straightedge with the router fitted with a pattern-following bit, and turn on the router and ease it into the cut and the damn thing grabs and destroys your templates you'd just spent all day perfecting?

And then you say a few (or several dozen) choice words and pack everything up and go and have a drink (or four), and come back the next day to survey the damage, and then look at your mutilated templates and suddenly think, "hey, I reckon I can salvage some of this - maybe all is not lost", so you spend all of Sunday cutting off the damaged sections, routing up new templates to replace the ruined ones and devise a new way to make that Floyd Rose route, but without wasting so much acrylic, and in such a way that everything is self-aligning on a master indexing plate, and then discovering at the end of it all you don't have any more scrap timber to try your handiwork out on?

Or maybe it's just me.

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