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Suitable Spray Guns And Setup


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I recently inherited a 5 horse, 22 gal. Compressor and some spray guns from a downsizing operation. I am sure the compressor will handle my needs, not sure about the guns. As for the compressor I was told to set it up with a filter to regulator to a line dryer to another regulator to one last filter then out. Does this sound right?

As for the guns, they are a Campbell hausfield general purpose gun. The other is a devilbiss automotive type gun. Will either of these be suitable for spraying laquer? Any help on this would be great.

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Yeah, I am excited to get it up and running. I just need to do some research on tips etc. I borrowed an electric pump sprayer last year to spray some cherry kitchen cabinets I built and was surprised how well it went. I was always pretty intimidated to try finishing, plus I have a buddy that was willing to trade labor for finishing.

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I'd be using the devillbis, but there's so many models out there. What type is it, gravity fed?

Tips will depend on that product you're using.

I use automotive colors and clears. I use a 1.4 for color and a 1.8 for clear.

You could use a 1.3 for the color and clear if you had to, but I just like a bigger tip to help the flow for the clear. 1.3 is probably the most common used tip fir color (with auto 2k)

Every type of product is different though, swap from 2k to acrylic to enamel and you change your tip sizes each time.

Research, experiment and work out what products you want to use then work out gun and tips from there

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