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Viktorian guitars

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Anybody see these?


Somebody sent this to me and I have my doubts.I don't get all the secrecy.If you watch the youtube thing the guy says it is 3D printed but says it is carbon fiber...afaik carbon fiber is not 3D printed,but plastic is.The site says "carbon based is superior"...but last time I checked,all life on Earth was carbon based including trees.There is no mention on the site as to how these things are built,but the 19 hours mentioned in the video is most likely a lie in itself.Each of the pieces might be printed in that time,but there is still assembly to do.And then you have a $2600 guitar that may or may not be plastic

What do you guys think.Are they full of crap or not?

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My take was that was a salesman pitching his product - the 3d printed guitar- to the guys at viktorian. No carbon fiber in that tele. I'd say the body was printed and everything else was standard issue. It certainly looked like a maple neck to me.

The viktorian guys are the ones using the carbon fiber, and there's some good looking stuff, if you like that sort of thing. I like my wooden guitars myself, but using carbon fiber has already been proven to be succesful.


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Could be.The Viktorian ones do look superior to the tele.If that is the case then it's the 3D guy that's full of crap.

I do think Viktorian should do a little something on their site about how they build them.I understand wanting to keep intellectual property secure,but I think most of my questions about them could be answered with a small behind the scenes look at some of the process.Are they truly 100% carbon fibre?Are the necks adjustable?Are they solid or hollow?What do they sound like under high gain?

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I think the tweeker playing just doesnt know whats falling out of his mouth

Carbon fiber is pretty much the same process as fiber glass. You take a mold and put carbon fiber cloth and resin in and pop out your finished product (ok not that simple but very similar to glass)

I dont think its possible at this time to print carbon fiber.

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