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Melvyn Hiscock book price on Amazon?!

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Only asking £40 GBP on Amazon in the UK. Might be cheaper to get it shipped from here. Don't think there is import duty on books but I could be wrong. I take it from the sudden price hike the book is no longer in print also.


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its amazing how the value of quality things increases when there is a small amount. But I can't imagine the hiscock book is all that rare. Maybe worth buying a mint condition one and putting it away for a couple decades, but it's the limited run hardback books that end up valuable. When I see the price of the scott chinery or translated Mac yasuda books now I'm astounded. On the other hand those are just pretty pictures, the hiscock book has more value to the likes of us... Still no worth several hundred dollars though. I mean seriously who would pay a thousand bucks? Craziness

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£21.95 directly from the man himself.

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