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Developed dimensions from existing bodies.


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I am still in the design stage of builds. I want to develop builds using existing bodies/guitars that i already own. I have simply drawn the body shapes onto paper to transfer to templates. I eventually want to design from Autocad from scratch. I have a little trouble defining radius curves to any accuracy. I can design my own from this method but i need to practice this in Acad. I have seen complete plans for some models i.e. Les Pauls and Strats. I have misplaced my bookmarks. Does anyone know of a good resource that is available?

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We're constantly adding tutorials and to-do's for future publishing. The CAD series I am still writing should cover most of what you're talking about; things like developing designs from face-on photos, existing instruments, etc. I've made templates from existing bodies using a end bearing-guided router bit double-stick taped to a body more than once. It's the most direct method.

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