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  1. Thanks, Mike I only submitted it mid last week and hadn't had a reply - it was a forum member ahead of my time zone who spotted it before me from the same notification
  2. I've got my fifth No Treble "Bass Of The Week" ! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/03/01/bass-of-the-week-ajrguitar-mods-swift-triple I'm sure they think I have a small fully equipped industrial unit in the heart of the UK countryside, rather than a small workbench squeezed up against the cellar wall The power of self-promotion... (Very pleased all the same )
  3. No - it's different to ToM. I rate Schaller very, very highly, but... ...this has been designed by someone who has never tried to fit one. The piezo version is that problem squared, and the accompanying 'Flagship' preamp is that problem cubed! This is the loom you get with the Flagship preamp. NOW try to get the control cover closed You can see from the other end how many wires are in that cable and the shroud over the rotary switch and cable sheath are high density plastic. And this is designed to go nowhere else except in a guitar control chamber... I had to cut a
  4. Only just spotted this. I presume you are talking about the non-piezo Hannes, @komodo ? If you are talking the piezo version, there are a few other considerations I can add (as in 'Yes - I fitted the piezo Hannes and it was OK. There you see: my psychiatrist TOLD me that with enough therapy I would be able to type that phrase eventually, and with a few more years of careful treatment I may be able to speak it too!' )
  5. Wow - looking at the above, that makes for some seriously stiff competition! Nevertheless, I have just finished this, my "Three's No Crowd" and so into the fray we go I've been building guitars and basses for around 8 years - many for my own use or for fellow band members but occasionally I take on commissions for folks who want something a little bit different. This is one such build. It's a shortscale (30”) headless four string bass - a commissioned build that seeks to blend a traditional look with some very modern features. It uses the Nova Guitar Parts headless system fro
  6. I think they carry over if there's only one entry - but I'll enter it in the morning just in case someone else pops one in before Feb end too
  7. Forgive the self indulgence As always, thanks for looking, folks
  8. Just before I post the finished shots, a few comments about two of the things fitted on it. First the headless system. And what a nice, great to use and looks good too is Andre Passini's Nova Guitar Parts headless system! String fitting (2 minutes for a full string change - I timed myself) and tuning up is effortless. The tuners are as smooth as silk and very accurate. And it looks great too The only challenge I had was getting enough height adjustment of the saddles while still being able to clamp then in the normal way - but I have some thoughts how this could be easily
  9. And this is pretty much finished! The neck was carved with a combination of micro-plane and cabinet scraper. Luminlays fitted too: The scary job drilling the wire access for the bridge grounding. Helps to have a long drill. Clearly the hole doesn't have to be that big, but a thinner long drill tends to be too flexible and can go wandering off. Ask me how I know! I do my normal method of soldering the wire to a piece of copper shielding - gives me a sure connection with minimal impact of the bridge/top joint. Apols for the blurry pic: The othe
  10. Those look lovely. Thanks for the detailed run-through
  11. Ah - I see this was on the list in your link @Bizman62
  12. These are the ones I've seen. It defies common sense but actually seems to work Travel Guitar | Acoustic It folds in half and fits in its own backpack for travel (voyageairguitar.com)
  13. Hi and welcome! This is usually because the headstock shape is often covered by the original manufacturers' patents/design registration/trademarks - so whoever drew up the plan was probably being careful not to risk receiving a 'cease and desist' letter from PRS's lawyers In terms of your general question, yes - there is a lot of leeway in terms of where to position the tuners. In terms of 'good and bad' then: - there are some advantages at not having major side angles at the nut, because that can lead to tuning issues, especially if you are an avid string bender - the
  14. The fretboard is bobby-dazzling wild indeed
  15. This continues to be a very readable and informative thread. Great stuff and impressive results
  16. It's a decent question - but quite an involved answer. Basically, there are many things you can do with the shape of a guitar that have no consequences at all - and we are (I would suggest almost all of us) highly influenced by the 1950's version of 'this is what a guitar looks like'. And we shouldn't be. And then, there are things which are absolute about geometry and strength and cannot be changed And then there are many, many things that CAN be changed, but have consequences that need to be considered. So you could dispense with the lower horn altogether - it ser
  17. Hi and welcome! Yes - as @Gogzs says, that will not be a problem. You may even find out it is where one of your pickup cavities goes! Main thing is that you don't want it to spread or ping off so yes, I would use thin superglue. With the thin type (that is, not the gel type), the crack will act like a candle wick and the capillary action will suck the glue deep into the crack and stabilise it.
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