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  1. Man enters bar with three mates and holds up his hand. "Three pints, please and another one" "Ah" says the landlord, "Another guitar builder?"
  2. I couldn't hear any difference in either the fret material (which I wasn't expecting anyway) or the string length to the tuners (which was a bit of a surprise until I thought about it). The reason I was surprised with the string length is that on a couple of my own electrics when the band was playing - and specifically 6 in a row without string trees - the sympathetic harmonies through those top strings harping were so marked, even through the amp, that I had to (not least because the band insisted I did Admittedly their preference was always that I didn't play at all ) pop a damper s
  3. Hi and welcome A lot of the T-O-M bridges do wobble around. There are some that have locking mechanisms, the most notable being the Tone-Pros range. They are more expensive than the GoToh but are not outlandish.
  4. As above. Great build and very well deserved win
  5. OK - great set of experiments. And some expected results and some surprising ones to me. I listened to the clips through decent quality ear buds and away from external noise. Consistency Check I could hear no difference at all. Credit to the quality and design of the rig @curtisa. I still think that plucking mechanism is more than a touch of genius Floating vs Fixed Hmmm....well, I thought I could discern an attack difference between these. The first one sounded more strident in each case...but then when you sneakily mixed then around I'm pretty sure it was all in my imagi
  6. Listened to most of all categories. Fascinating. Will report back when I have a moment
  7. I'm away from my headphones at the moment, but I'll feedback as soon as I am able. I like the rig you've set up @curtisa - especially the pick mechanism!
  8. It's like climbing up a very steep hill. Feels like such hard work and you don't feel like you are getting anywhere at all. Then after 30 minutes, you turn round and realise just how much higher you are now. Trust me, you are positively jogging up that hill...
  9. I know exactly what you mean with that top photo @Drak. I've used Myrtle veneer on a number of refinishes over the years and that Buddhist Temple shot above is spot on Here's one of them:
  10. There's some impressive stuff going on here @mistermikev. I've been a bit distracted the past few months and in that time you seem to have advanced in leaps and bounds. Love the machined ribbing on that top!
  11. I've been a bit distracted this past month or so - but WOW that's a lot of progress! Looking good from here
  12. Congrats on your GOTM win, @mattharris75. Well deserved - beautiful build.
  13. The doctor's banned me from watching Andertons guitar demos for similar reasons....
  14. I had to stop watching them years ago on medical advice. The doctor said, "Well, I hear what you say about the value of knowledge enrichment, Mr 1515, but it really isn't going to help your blood pressure to stand for hours in front of a computer screen, screaming, 'FOR GOODNESS SAKE, BEN, GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!'.
  15. That is remarkable progress I like the design. Another one to look forward to
  16. Excellent! I think the fact that it still looks good, and is clearly still playable, is a testament to just how good Yamaha acoustics are You will find this a very satisfying project
  17. Very impressive. That would certainly add a bit of 'zing' into an average acoustic open mic night The bit that I am still enamoured with is that this isn't just an amp and speaker in a guitar...this is a VALVE amp. And it sounds like one. With some judicious tweaking of the volume levels, you will be able to get the classic 'clean to crunch'. Love it
  18. Thanks, folks It was a fun project. Just got to wait for the (present) lockdown to lift and I can meet A to pass it across
  19. This is SUCH a bonkers build. I absolutely love it
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