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Custom guitar plans for CNC machine


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There are a few people here who have the ability to do that. Myself, curtisa and Chris spring to mind. Are you simply needing the CAD files preparing or are you needing the entire G-code to be generated? The second option is difficult without knowing the specifics of the CNC and its tooling setup.

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The immediate problem I can see is that you're wanting a design for a neck-through instrument. That is a LOT of work, not just from a modelling perspective. Are you doing the neck profile yourself? Does the neck have an angle?

Typically, modelling an entire guitar from the ground upwards is several hours of work just to get a draft. A finished design could be dozens of hours easily. Additionally, a lot of work needs to go into designing workholding jigs; if the CNC is doing your neck profiling also then it will have to be done in at least two stages (back and front). It's not a small or simple job. I could generate a 3D file for you to take to the CNC operator, however I don't think they'd be able to simply drop wood onto the CNC and a guitar pop out of the other end. That's not how it works.

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