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Painting methods and types for bass guitar

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I am looking to paint my bass guitar and have looked up how to properly paint a guitar body, that being said I would like to customize it after my base coat and do some brush designs on it before the clear coat. I am planning to use lacquer is there any type of paint I can use before the clear coat that won't be ruined by the lacquer?

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The simplest clear to use that is durable and easy to use is automotive two-pack ("2K") clear. You can buy aerosols off that stuff online or from some stores. The downside to 2K is that it is nasty stuff, requiring breathing gear and covering your skin. It goes on easily, dries to the touch within an hour (usually) and is cured in a day or two.

2K will go over acrylics or non oil-based paints fine. Like @ScottR says though, test first. Some paints can be finicky in combination.

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