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cheap guitar, possible earthing problem


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I recently bought a semi hollow body guitar, it is cheap as I can not afford a decent one. It is a Les Paul copy so two tone and volume. When I start to turn the volume on the guitar down there is a hum that remains at the same volume, it disappears when the volume is all the way up. I am not sure if this is a wiring problem or something wrong with the humbucker. I haven't yet taken the guitar apart to look at the wiring but wanted to get some idea of what it could be and how to deal with it. I don't want to take the guitar back as I bought it on line and return postage would be paid by me. 

If it is the pots, could contact cleaner help as I think that the scratching sound is coming from the contacts?



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Hi... Don't be scared of fixing a grounding issue, which is almost certainly what you have. The classic sign of this problem is it showing up when you aren't in contact with the strings, because when you are in contact with the strings you become the ground. The noise appears when you are not the ground, because there is no ground.It's a simple fix, if you aren't up to the soldering job then it won't be hard or expensive should you need to find a repair person.
Provided that this isn't the problem, then you would probably want to consider upgrading the shielding on your guitar. You don't say what kind of guitar it is, though, so I'm assuming a single coil. Shielding isn't much of an issue on humbucker equipped guitars

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The problem is as stated before most likely an earth/grounding problem.. The question is what is causing it?.My first question would be the wiring in the building. does it have a ground?  Next does it get worse when close to fluorescent lighting?   Assuming this to be humbuckers based on a cheap LP style as stated  Does it go away when you touch the strings or not? As above stated a ground issue with the guitar circuit. If it is the Guitar should be an easy fix. If it is the Building ground/earth not so easy.

My Home was built in the early 60s' no earth/ground on most common circuits except, Kitchen, Baths, and Appliances. This made for a problem as described. Shielding helped but did not get rid of the problem. Changing to incandescent bulbs helped, since there was no ballasts.  I played single coils then moved to humbuckers to help. Final solution, I re-wired my home. It needed to be done but was expensive even though I did it myself., That was many years ago. Hopefully it is something simple and as stated in other posts some resoldering and the proper. circuit will fix your issue..


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