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Guitar Of The Month vote - May 2017

Time to vote!  

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  1. 1. Time to vote!

    • Mr Natural, "The Fugly Fretless"
    • Andyjr1515, "Hankerfer Camfer"
    • Edw5493, "OJS"

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Welcome to the ProjectGuitar.com Guitar Of The Month voting round for this month! The winner of each month's Guitar Of The Month contest gets front page placement on the main ProjectGuitar.com website, privileged member status, a photo feature on our Facebook page, plus an (all-important) shiny member profile badge.

Good luck to this month's entrants! As usual, discuss your voting choice and opinions about the entries this month in this thread....however don't read into the discussion until you've cast your vote! :)

Polls will close automagically in the first week of June 2017, however this thread is permanently open for discussion

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Three really sweet entries this month. However anybody feels about the end results is irrelevant in light of the work that went into each of them....

@Mr Natural

Your build thread (over the course of what....almost four years?) has been a great one that popped up when a little work was done and whole thing moved forward. I love the end result. It looks extremely smart in black, combined with the reflectivity complimenting the shape. There's so much going on there such as the Hipshot D-style bridge (personal favourite) that would make me want to pick it up. Just....fretless....haha :)


Again, like Natch your threads are a pleasure Andy. Your capability is matched evenly by your humble approach and willingness to share with others. Everything that drives PG. The bass is a hell of a weird shape, but maximises the use of the Camphor burl and gives it a lot of real estate to shine. A capped neck-through is no small kind of build to tackle....hats off! (I don't own a hat as such though, so just imagine)


I've become a big fan of single-pickup instruments over the last few years, and started to become more curious about single-pickup guitars with the pup in the neck position. She looks like she'd be a great jazzer, was that the intention? It reminds me of @ScottR's style of build, or at least something I could imagine Scott making....however the volute would be a giveaway. ;) Bonus points for enchiladas, however the answer was quesadillas! Love the headstock shape. The curves on the very end are really sweet and makes an otherwise simple offset 3x3 very characterful.


I'd be equally-happy spending a few hours test-driving each of this month's entries. Between the three on that basis, they're all level-pegging. Natch has got my vote however, simply because I love large slightly wacky organic basses....especially Carl Thompson's. Jens' designs are not always my kind of thing, however he always demonstrates balance, flow and movement in his work. Being able to step up and produce something like his Jupiter is extremely easy to get very very wrong, and you didn't. The end result justifies that four year build time. The only negative I could add is the lack of frets, your house alarm code and times that you're spending a few hours sampling beers. Please leave some Jai Alai in the fridge.

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