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What is this guitar?

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This guitar has been hanging on the wall of a friend and it belonged to here dad. She's looking for some help putting a value on it to sell. It is obviously somebodies version of a tele, but has no markings whatsoever on it. Nothing under the neck, nothing under the scratchplate and nothing in the instrument cavity.

Anyone have a clue as to what it may be? It is light as hell.



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The first thing that comes to my mind is Teisco, but those tuning pegs are the same as what were on my Riviera Commander 335, except mine were single units (I still have them)

I notice they cheaped out on Fret-dots and here is a Teisco Tele showing the same missing dots (one more) except the rest of the guitar is quite different


Hope that helps

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1 hour ago, Crusader said:

I think I got it


I knew a guy in High School who had a Teisco which wasn't a copy of anything but it had a similar colour scheme

This may well be it. There are some minor differences: trussrod and string tree and Kingston badge are three I see. But perhaps there were various models available.


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Wow that one is EXACTLY the same. To be honest I didn't even notice the trussrod cover LOL

3 hours ago, curtisa said:

Thank @Crusader. He did all the legwork :thumb:

Ha, thanks but if it had been a different colour I wouldn't have had a clue. Its funny how some things stick in your mind for so long, High School was 42 years ago!

I also remember the guy commenting something he really liked about his Teisco, it may have been the light weight

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