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Warped wood. Will it pull back into shape?

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Hi all. I bought a really nice, heavily figured plank of wood that was shop planed and looked fairly straight and flat. I split it to make a nice top for a future build, each plank is now 1320 x  175 x 12 mm (52 x 7 x 0.5 inch). Unfortunately, when it was split it warped quite a lot (see the second image where I'm sighting down the length of the plank)

It's thin enough to be able to go back down flat again if it's clamped down (as it would be on a body) but should I expect any problems if I do this? Would be a shame to scrap it.

The other question is does anyone know what wood it actually might be? (see the first image for a close-up)

Thanks in advance.



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If you were going to glue it up to that big beefy board, I would not dampen it. People have tried dampening a warped board and clamping it to a solid straight edge and then heating it up a bit and finally letting it dry out in the clamps in an effort to straighten said boards. Sometimes it works.


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I might be a bit late but my 2 cents

The lengths will be too short for it to be a problem and if you are going to do a carved top like a Les Paul I'd say there wouldn't be any problem at all.


Joining edge to edge doing a book-match is where it would get tricky. When I was confronted with this problem I glued the top pieces on one at a time, but that still had its issues

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