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Fender Marauder

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I'm not sure where to post this so it's going here. My next project is coming together and the Jazzmaster and Marauder are the two styles I'm looking at. I really like the original Marauder (only 8 were made in '65) with the p'ups mounted below the pickguard but I can only find limited info on it.

Here's a pic if you've never seen it


It's the closest I could find. If you have access to the Blue Book the '66 with 3 pickups exposed is in there.

Anyway - the point of this is I'm looking for info (cad dwg's etc) on the Marauder and Jazzmaster. I have had no luck in my searches. I have AutoCAD and TurboCAD so I only need a link or a zip'd file.

Electrical will be custom so I don't need the original schematics. Way too many switches on that thing!! :D

Thanks in Advance!

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The marauder looks like the jaguar without a trem and with the pickups hidden...

I'm pretty sure that the Marauder was just another modification to the Jag/Jazzmaster shape. A few real pics exist from the Fender catalogue from whatever year they were supposed to be made. The got to the catalogue but were hauled because the Fender guys thought people would think it had no pickups. I also have an interest in these bad boys. Too bad there's only 8 and they're prolley locked up in some Fender VIP's vault... :D

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it never made it to the shops because when they made them and tested them the found th pick-up's had a seriously low output, resulting in almost no volume at all.

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First of all thanks for the replies.

Secondly I have this issue covered

so use hot pickups

or actives where you can boost the output.

I'm going to use the lightwave optical pickups for the Maurauder look without the signal loss. I figure if I'm going to spend the money on them (and I've had the lightwave itch for a few months) I'd do it on something like the Marauder for the original looks and the "new" technology blend. i think that's what Fender was going for in the Marauder from the start.

Here's the LightWave link:

LightWave Technology

I also have a few other ideas I'd like to incorporate such as semi hollow body, mahogany back and neck and a maple top. Now if it would only warm up so my shop would get above 35 degrees with the heater on!! :D

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If you can't find plans BUT know the scale length, you can import the picture to AutoCAD and use the OLESCALE command to enlarge the picture to full size (using the scale length as a guide. You then have 2 options:

1. Trace round the picture using the SPLINE command, delete the original drawing and you should have plans (admittadly not exact but quite close).

2. Just print out the picture, cut out the body and stick it on the wood. Tadda body template. Luckily enough I've got unlimited access to an A0 plotter so I generally cut out my plans and stick them to wood.

These are sort of last resort options if you can't find any plans. Are you in UK, if so and you use either of these methods, send me the drawings and I'll plot them full size for ya. :D

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