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polyurethane lacquer availabe in Canada

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Hi everybody,
I'm from Canada and i'm finishing my first electric guitar (hope that it's not the last!!!).
I looking for a satin or semi gloss lacquer for my guitar solid body. 
However, since it's my first guitar, I don't have all the material to make one completely. 
I will equip myself gradually with the next guitars.
For the finishing, i don't have a spray gun so i have to deal with lacquer in spray can.
I'm looking for clear (satin or semi-gloss) polyurethane lacquer (no-yellowing) in spray can which is available in hardware store in canada.
I find this: Varathane Diamond Wood Finish - Outdoor (Water, Satin) available in home Hardware https://www.homedepot.ca/product/varathane-diamond-wood-finish-outdoor-water-satin-aerosol-/1000423123

Has anyone ever used this product for a guitar finishing? Does anyone know of another product that meets my requirements easily available in Canada?
otherwise, I also found an acrylic lacquer that meets my requirements however I do not know it's good as a guitar protection. It does not turn yellow but it does not turn out to be hard when dry.
However, it seems that it has already been used as a finish.
For information, I don't want the discussion to slip on the influence of lacque on the sound. I have already found enough discussion that turns on this topic where everyone have his opinion on nitro and poly laquer. I especially want to have advice or feedback on the practical aspect.
Thanks a lot for your answers.

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I would try Lowes or Home Depot and see if either one offers Deft... in the Spray can it's available as a real solvent based Nitrocellulose ..  it is among the easiest to use... 

the "stuff" you selected uses the humidity in the air to cure... all I could say is try it on a test piece. if it cures hard enough to sand with 240 or so.. then it'll be fine.  But some of the rattle can Polys can take an extended time to harden, all the time acting as a "fly paper" for any thing floating around in the air..





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I'm looking for polyurethane instead of Nitro because it's less toxic. However, i'm not sure that it's easy to get Nitrocellulose in Canada because of it's toxicity.

In addition, Nitro turn to yellow. I Think that poly too but it take more time. Acrylic don't turn to yellow but i have doubts about its wood protection properties.

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You may want to try car paint shops. They have all sorts of lacquers and despite cars being made out of steel or other metals - and plastic! - the lacquers work on wood as well. As you can imagine show car enthusiasts won't accept anything sticky or yellowish! You can even get some 2k in a rattle can with an extra container for the hardener and they can mix it so it hardens quickly enough in your premises.

The influence to sound of any lacquer depends on the final thickness of the coating. Apply enough but sparsely and don't be afraid of sanding through the first layer of coating as the second layer will fix it.

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3 hours ago, Macarel31 said:

I'm looking for polyurethane instead of Nitro because it's less toxic.

actually that's misinformation, Poly is very nasty stuff... and I'd take huffin' Nitro over Poly any day if the choice was mandatory.


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I realise that comment may be said tongue-in-cheek, but it's important to note that you shouldn't be spraying any paint without taking appropriate safety precautions. Whether or not nitro is more or less harmful than polyurethane, both paints have severe health side effects that should not be discounted.

Safety first, please :)


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All poly has the potential for yellowing as it's oil-based, if you want something that will dry clear then look at acrylic/water-based finishes. Have you considered wipe on finishes? I've had some success with Minwax wipe-on poly which is far easier to get hold of on your side of the pond than here. 

I followed Andy's fantastic tutorial  

And these are the results I got.


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