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Help/advise needed

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A customer asked if I still build guitars as a hobby and when I said yes, they asked if I liked to see what I could do to their long overlooked acoustic. It appeared immediately that the bridge was for a big part torn off and the top was a bit cracked on the treble side of the bridge. Well, I promised to see if I could fix that and put a set of strings on her as she had none.

So I took her home and sat her leaning on an chair crowded with my building gear bag. As I went to hang my coat a loud crash was heard. She didn't like the armchair. On her road down she met a piece of lumber who violated her. Unfortunately the wound is in a place my arms can't reach... Any advise would be highly appreciated.



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10 hours ago, ADFinlayson said:

could you grab it from the top with tweezers?

No, there's no actual hole. The only option I can think of is to put glue where the wood is broken and push that piece level from underneath. I'm planning a T-shape tool which I could slide in and turn it as a supportive beam. However, I'm afraid that it could cause either the back to break or the sides to rip off.

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Thanks to the reply.

I managed to pull the splint outside with an improvised hook and pressed it level with some glue. I then tried to match the colour with amber stain which pronounced the seam. Clear nail varnish on top, sanded more or less level (read "less").

The main issue was the bridge being loose. I managed to take it off with a heated spatula without too much wood. However, it appeared that a) the top was laminated and b) the top laminate had been cut off under the bridge. No wonder it didn't hold as there was no support length vise! The longitudinal layer visible under the shards is only 1 mm thick and very soft. I've been thinking about building a new top just for practise.

2020-04-12 13.16.58.jpg

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I guess at least 2 layers must have come away then because the top layer is going the other way, then there is that layer that's half come away. I wonder what the rationale for laminating the top is, it's clearly no stronger. I wonder what the acoustic properties of ply are compared to a solid soundboard.

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That's the strange part: Only one layer was damaged and that's the one seen on top. The spruce veneer was cut away under the bridge. No wonder it had broken loose! The two layers under the spruce are of some very soft wood, almost like fabric.

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