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Piezo only electric guitar build


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Hello I'm going to be doing my first guitar build soon using warmoth parts. I'm not going to have any mag pickups only a graph tech ghost piezo system. I have a number of questions about wiring it and am having trouble finding any information on wiring a system like this. I need to know if I need a volume and tone knib because I'd rather not have either if not necessary. Also do I need to ground the bridge, ferrules and strings (I'm using a strat hardtail setup). 


Anything else I should know? 


Thanks in advance. I know a little about electronics but am completely new to guitar electronics. 

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1 hour ago, curtisa said:

The Ghost saddles are designed to be paired up with a preamp of some kind. Doesn't the Ghost come with the Acousti-phonic preamp as a complete kit?

No need to ground the bridge/strings if you're only installing piezo pickups.

@curtisa, the ghost system does not come as saddles and preamp as a kit. They are separate.

That being said, because the Ghost saddles are hex pickups, meaning each saddle is a pickup, a normal preamp will not work with them unless you make a harness to bring them all together as a single. Also balance between them must be thought of.

Therefore the  Graphtech Ghost preamp would be the best route, as this is designed for that setup.


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