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Given how long its taking me to make my first guitar i'm not in danger of needing branding for a company any time soon,

but it doesn't hurt to think about logos and branding etc.
I've pretty much resided to the fact its Doing to be David Imrie Guitars (DIG).
I'd thought about something made up like..
Blue Tree Guitars
Weird Tree Guitars
and something geographical around my location. But names seem to work.

I doodled (roughly in paint) some logo ideas.



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  1. looks like dLg
  2. looks like DLg
  3. looks like gli or gdi
  4. for some odd reason it looked a while like dig, but then it changed to 9j or j9
  5. clearly DIG
  6. funny with the mirrored letters
  7. Dolce i Gabbana?
  8. hmm, not an easy task to read
  9. looks like Ben Crowe's sig
  10. same as above, although with differently coloured letters it might work
  11. I've seen that somewhere either as Gi or iD

Aren't I a nuisance?

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#9 = kinda Dead Kennedys (not a bad thing!) ... if you're doing a homage this is great, -- otherwise #5 would get my vote for clarity alone, not that logos need to be 100% identifiable as something, but you for sure don't want it to be identified as some letters other than "D.I.G"

Numbers 1,2,3,4 & 11 have a high-tech/software feel IMO.

Numbers 6,7 & 8 remind me of designer clothes logos...but still #8 is very interesting 

#10 would be difficult to reproduce in 2-color, worth thinking about

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