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I'm nearing completion of my first full project and I'm having lots of trouble trying to make a logo I'm happy with. Let me know which ones if any you guys like. S.K.S. are my initials but I'm not even sold on going with that for a name. Seems like it's been done alot already. I'm a lefty so I was also thinking of some cool name that means lefthanded or opposite or something similar. Also is there anyone out there who's able to print waterslide decals or willing to part with a couple sheets of waterslide paper. Thanks for your help fellas :D

Edit: sorry about the goofy way to link pics. Just copy the url and paste it above. It should work. BTW, does anyone know the easier way to post pics right on this page.

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these are my opinions

1...looks kinda cheap

2...my favourite, simple, bold

3...don;t like :D

4...see 3 :D

5...nice...is the star from smashing pumpkins-melon-collie and the infinate sadness?

6...too hard to read

7... too simple

8...the S's are too much of a contrast to the K

remember these are just my stupid opinions, ignore them B)


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Weeze, Thanks for fixing the pic for me. Thanks for your opinions too. Serioulsy, everyone tell me what you think, it's better to get it straight up than to put a Shi**y logo on my guitar. The star in #5 is just an old school type of star that I seem to be fond of, a popular tatoo among the punk rock scene. Nothing personal but I can't stand anything Billy Corgan has done. The last one I know has too much contrast, it is just rough, just wondering if anyone liked the odd lettering and layout. The ones that are hard to read are because of the pic itself. Does anyone have any other name suggestions. Maybe something that means left or lefthanded or opposite in another language, I know there's lots of biligual folks here.

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ok my $0.02 worth .... which is questionable due to the fact

that I read more posts than actually posting. Everyone seems to beat me to all my questions!!!!!

My opinion :

1. Reminds me of a logo from a skateboard magazine

2. Same as above... But I like it better than 1

3. the Last "S" kind of gets lost in this one..

4. see 3

5. the star is a little funky for me

6. if the "K" was easier to read it would be good ....

7. Plain Jane and simple ... sometimes plain and simple is the way to go ...

8. This is my least favorite .. it look like just a "k" with a vine thing going on ...

#2 is my pick with #7 being a back up.

OK I'll shut up now.. and go back to reading posts..lol :D

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Just my opinion :D - the SK logos are quite similaro to SKB (???) who make flight cases.

A couple of things I always ask the customer when designing logos for them :

1) What shape is the headstock - very important as the logo needs to gel with the head.

2) What style is the guitar - pointed superstrat logos dont work on Les Pauls and vice versa.

3) What will the finish of the guitar be - if you're going for a classic figured maple body, the logo on the head should be something quite classic looking.

4) What kind of music are you planning to play on it - sounds odd, but if you're in a metal band, you wont want the sort of logo you'd find on a jazz guitar.

5) What colour is the head - this effects the colour of the logo, and also contrast - black heads work better with bold logos ( think Gibson, Jackson, Kramer ) whereas you have to be careful with coloured heads as lots of designs get lost.

Always seems a lot easier in practice to come up with a good logo - this is why companies spend mega money and time getting theirs right !

Dont try and overcomplicate the logo, bold simple designs work best - check out similar guitars in style and look at the size, placement and design of the logo on them and it should give you some pointers.

Whatever you do, dont just use straight bold text for the logo, as I have NEVER seen one like this that looks good.

One last thing, consider just using a single letter, or image like the star - it isnt necessary to have your full name or initials on there - if your surname isnt something crap, use this ???

Hope this helps - whatever you come up with you will never be 100% happy with it straight away, which is what happens when you design commercially - you go back and fore to the client, find a rough style they like and then work from that.


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O.k. thanks for your help everyone. The headstock is a 3 and 3 similar to a Les Paul. It's a quilted maple overlay, no color. The body is similar to a les paul or the single cut PRS. It is wine red also similar to the Les Paul color. It is a r-n-r guitar. Any more comments to help out?

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If you've got quilted maple you will need something pretty bold as anything thin may get lost in the pattern of the wood.

For a Gibson type head, I'd go for something across the top of the head like Gibson use, as otherwise the end of the head looks a bit empty.

If you come up with some more designs, post them back on here and we can have another look.


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whats your last name? not tryin to sound liek a stalker, but what im doing is gettin my uncle to imitate the Gibson logo font for my last name so it'll read "Eisenbraun" in gibson style. if you have a decent last name you should look into that too. except you have to find your own uncle to do it

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